Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Mideo Cruz does not need to attack Islam and why the catholic church is vulnerable

As far is Islam is concerned, I'm pretty sure he doesn't need to attack it (or its followers) with another piece of art (or crap, depends on the audience).

Here's why:

a) Within the scope of Kulo, its about Jose Rizal and the Filipino heritage. Cruz might have just focused on Rizal.

  History is not exactly one of the subjects I'm good at but if I remember correctly, the guy didn't really have problems with Islam. I don't even remember any mention of Rizal and Islam or Muslim in the same paragraph in any of my books.

b) I don't personally know the guy, but people say he's an atheist (if not worshipping satan). The piece of art he made is probably a reaction to how he see's the religious culture of the Philippines.

The second question is, why use Catholicism. This is because Catholicism is the religion that is currently the most popular, the most culturally significant to modern Filipino Culture. Also, most other religions do not use symbols, statues, and pictures as much as the Catholics do. He did not actually attack the faith's foundations (The Bible, The Vatican, God and Christ themselves), just some symbols.

This is just me, but I think MY God and MY Saviour are not so petty to be offended by something so small. Also, politicians, celebrities, other prominent people including some dictators just laugh at caricatures of themselves, no matter how offensive it might have been intended to be. If these people, which are only human, can see past such (possibly) crass symbols of themselves, I think MY God and MY Saviour can easily do the same.

c) He might already have one, and it didn't get much reactions. Remember that "Politeismo" is not actually a new piece, its already been shown in other galleries.

d) This is about the RH Bill, and he showing how he feels about its current situation:

  Honestly, the Muslim groups have not been as vocal against the RH Bill as the RCC is. A simple google search will prove this. He might not see it as necessary.

e) This is activism against the direction where Catholicism, and religion in general, and morals of the Philippines is going. Face it, we're becomming more and more similar to the westerners. Some people go to the church for the sake of going to church, not because they want to but because they need to, or they're used to it, or its become tradition.

He doesn't need to do this with Islam because (I may be wrong) they have stronger ties to their faith that most catholics do. And with such news as Catholic bishops receiving SUVs from a hated president, sexual harrasment, child abuse and downright rape by priests and bishops, the "hidden" wealth of bishops and diocese who ask for donations from the gov't when they can pretty much provide it for themselves make Catholics the ones who are most likely to become disillusioned with their faith.

  With this, the piece just becomes one big warning sign saying "DON'T LET YOUR FAITH(RELIGION) BECOME LIKE THIS."

f) He's being an activist against the leaders of the church:

  Remember Mickey Mouse Money or Bills? It was a term for money that no one bothers with and was regarded as play money. Maybe he sees the religion as a plaything of the leaders. As for the Phalluses, well, the catholic leaders can be Phalluses, much more than the leaders of any other faith IMO.
 Remember this article?(http://filipinofreethinkers.org/2010/11/20/anti-rh-bill-catholics-harass-rh-bill-supporters/)
That proves how some leaders of the catholic faith are such complete and utter Phalluses.

  Why not do this to Islam? Well, muslims take their faith much more seriously than any other religious group, sometimes to the extreme. He doesn't need to react to these guys since they live by what they believe in, and as I said, sometimes, to the extreme.

g) He just hates the RCC. Nuff' said.

Honestly, I don't care about the piece of art itself. I just care to react since I hate catholics going on and on about freedom of expression should not be absolute and doing stuff to the pictures of the artist's parents, then daring people to insult muslims, buddhists, or other faiths.

With regards to state policies, most other religions go by "live and let live, just don't bother us." or "Do it if you want, just don't force us"
But with Catholics it's "We're not doing that and neither should you!" or "Don't do/allow that, our followers might do it too!" or "You're corrupting our morals!" or "You're corrupting the children!" or "We're not allowed to do that so you shouldn't do it too!"

The reason Catholics are easily attacked much more than any other faith because they poke their noses into everything.

Here're some tips for those "Vocal" catholics:
Don't measure everyone by your sticks if you don't want to be measured by everyone else's.
When spoken to, don't shout.
Speak when necessary, not whenever you want.
Don't shoot first, not every one is aiming at you. Once you do, well, good luck.
You don't always need to mention your position. Sometimes, stealthy maneuvering is more effective.
Don't jump into a battlefield and expect to not be shot at.
Don't get so deep into shit, you'll get covered by it.
Don't throw your shit at someone else, lest they throw theirs (or yours) back at you.
When your so deep in shit, don't talk.

Lastly: "To Err Is Human, To Forgive Divine."

Sadly, I am human, so I can't easily forgive things and people that annoy me.

End Rant.

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  1. So much allusions to MGS4, shouldn't have played so much while writing this.