Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prying into the mind of a Senator

Okay, this blog was initially supposed to be a collection of stories. But recent events in the Philippines have made me realize that sometimes, real life is more interesting than anything I can imagine. And so, some of my posts have become rant-like. Unfortunately, here's some more.

Now, Senator Sotto has been very vocal about his opposition to any and all forms of the RH Bill.
Putting myself in his shoes, I was trying to think of a reason to oppose the Bill without delving into religion.

I've come up with the following conclusion:

Maybe the reason Sen. Sotto is going to new lows to stop the RH Bill is because he (or his heirs) will lose on potential voters.
Imagine, a hundred million potential voters in 2025 (or 2028), most of those would probably be living below the poverty line and most of them will just vote for the most popular candidates (Sen Sotto, if still alive, or maybe someone else in the family)

Remember, less population means we can concentrate more on education. Better education means future voters are able to make informed choices, better chances of electing better candidates. Better chance of better candidates winning elections means a lower chance of politicians winning just because they are popular comedians or actors.

If he saw that far into the future, then maybe I can give some respect to the guy. He is after all, investing in the future and based on surveys, investments are good.

Anyways, hope I get into writing again after a few days. I'm busy with other stuff (and trying to not get annoyed too much at what my countrymen are doing).

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