Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anti-RH Rally proves risks of overpopulation

Ok, so the RH Bill issue is back since congress needs to pass vote in this bill before election time comes or else all of them will be seen as having wasted yet another 1.5 years of debates where the same questions are asked by different people.

Senate obviously has more problems as Tito Sotto is threatening to delay any sort of progress for their version of the bill. From my point of view, he's afraid the bill will be passed. After all, why delay if you're sure the majority will vote against it?

Today, the Catholic Church (CC) held an event to show that they have the numbers to go against passage of the bill. However, I think this is a stupid idea as it has shown the risks of one reason the RH Bill is supported by people: Overpopulation.

Many Anti-RH advocates have stated that we are not overpopulated, and that this is simply a way for the western countries to prevent us from taking over their societies with our numbers (A pretty stupid idea IMO, after all, why are they still implementing it in their own societies?)

Anyway, as I said earlier, they've shown some proof of the risks of overpopulation (i.e. a lot of people in a small place)

A) Heavy traffic - a bad thing for progress. The last thing you'd want is to have your goods or workers being regularly late just because there are too many people on the road.

B) Lack of comfortable space - hey, I want to live comfortably, with enough space to put in my stuff, do some stretching, and maybe some cartwheels. With too many people living in a small space, expect things to get more than a little bit crowded.

C) A ton of garbage - Where will those 10K people take their trash? It would be great if there are trashcans big enough to handle all of it, but that's very unlikely. Even worst if they're a bunch of litterbugs. I pity the people who have to clean up after them.

D) An active force to keep things from getting out of hand - Qualified people to keep peace and order will not always grow proportionally with a growing population. In the Anti-RH rally, a small amount of peace-keeping forces are trying to handle 10K people when they were only expecting 3K. If a riot had started, those police will have been overwhelmed, an usurpation of authority, complete anarchy.

E) Lack of resources - those people have to eat, right? What if the nearby stores ran out of food? That would mean they have to go somewhere farther to buy food then go back to the venue? In a grander scale, that would be similar to importation of food.

F) Hunger - But what if most of the food from out of the venue are more expensive that not everyone can afford it? Some people will go hungry.

G) OFWs - Some groups/families will get one person to go somewhere and get them food because they can't buy anything nearby. Said person will then go out of his way to get some food and bring back the bacon (may be taken literally).

H) Emigration - There are also some who'll go straight home after eating and not comeback because they think the hassle is not worth the cause.

So those just some things I've found similar to risks of overpopulation. I hope some people get to read this and accept that while we are not overpopulated, there's still that risk if we don't carefully handle our resources and population.

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